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Lisa B.
Lisa B.
Founder heyReflect
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We teamed up with a reflective sticker brand through CohesYou, and the results were phenomenal. Our combined set – our LED high-vis vest and their sticker set – became our top sellers ! Jumping on board with CohesYou early was a smart move for heyReflect.

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General Cooperation:

 Ideal for businesses looking to partner in various capacities without a specific focus. It offers flexibility and can evolve based on mutual goals.

Social Media Cooperation

Tailored for brands seeking to amplify their online presence by leveraging each other's social media platforms. Think shared posts, stories, or even co-hosted live events.

Newsletter Cooperation

A perfect fit if you're looking to tap into each other's subscriber base. This collaboration is for sharing news, offers, or features in your respective newsletters.

Product Cooperation:

Geared towards businesses that can benefit from bundling or promoting products together. Whether it's a co-branded item or a special package deal, it emphasizes tangible collaboration.

Knowledge Sharing Cooperation:

For businesses that are looking to exchange expertise, resources, or conduct joint training sessions. This cooperation is about growing together by learning from one another.